Effective screening for fetal heart defects: All you need to know about optimal fetal cardiac ultrasound — 18.07.2020

July 18, 2020
Kyiv 17:00

A FREE three hour online masterclass by top experts: Rabih Chaoui (Germany), Alfred Abuhamad (USA), Prashant Acharya (India), Simon Meagher (Australia), Mauricio Herrera (Colombia), Aris Papageorghiou (UK)

In these 3 hours we will cover all you need to know about improving fetal cardiac assessment:

  • Understand the anatomy of the heart: from ultrasound to pathology
  • Effective screening for congenital heart abnormalities: what to look for every time
  • Practical Tips in cardiac imaging using convering the most common anomalies
  • How to: cardiac screening in the first trimester using a structured approach
  • Cases

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